Friday, September 20, 2013

What you should know before upgrading to iOS 7.

 Last time, in the new product launched event on 10/9. Apple unveiled updates released official iOS7 operating system on 18, September. As usual, though there are many mixed opinions, but many users still intend to upgrade to the latest version.
Before the upgrade, note the following points:

1.On 9-18 Apple blocked iOS 6 version.
Once officially released a new version, Apple will lock the previous iOS version. Block here is that users are using iOS 6 and earlier versions cannot be used. Apple will implement block file “SHSH”, this file can function as a “travel ticket”, which the user can restore back to iOS devices currently in use. When launched iOS 7 on 9/18, iOS6 and other iOS versions users are required to upgrade to iOS 7 when they want to restore. The users have also upgraded to version 7 of iOS, they cannot return to iOS 6.
2. Always make backup before upgrading to iOS 7.
The backup data is never redundant. When performing restore or upgrade the iOS, there are occasionally instances encountered errors cause data loss. To be sure, you should use a backup tool contacts and notes required prior to upgrade. You can use the tools of the Apple iCloud.
3. Upgrading to iOS 7 means loss jailbreak (Cydia).
The hackers said they are developing tools to jailbreak iOS 7, many screen-capture image Cydia on iOS 7 were shared but unknown release time tool. So sure of one thing iOS users upgrade to 7 will have to wait a while before you can jailbreak the device and use Cydia.
4. The older devices such as iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S pay attention before you upgrade.
The older devices including iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 has been upgraded to support Apple iOS 7. However, after the trial and the trial version is the most recent iOS beta 7 Gold Master ( final beta ) , these devices still having slow running condition , jerk , lag , some devices are hot and drain the battery . Before you decide to upgrade, it reads share information from actual users. Genk also has an article on this issue after Apple officially released iOS 7.
5. It will soon be the new update immediately after the official launch iOS 7.
Although it till have not made any the official update, but we have a lot of information that Apple is testing the upgraded version that is iOS 7.0.1 and iOS 7.0.2 The action means that the update of iOS7 will be coming soon. Users can absolutely wait for the release of the update and upgrade to avoid unnecessary errors.

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