Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The indispensable accessories for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has many innovative changes, but not so that you do not own is the perfect accessories for decoration, or simply to increase efficiency for the iPhone 5.

Thinner design, longer, speaker and headphone underlying position, the new connector, therefore, the back case or the holster for iPhone 5 also more exotic variations, not only protection style but also very cool
Bumper Cases Covers: To compare an exciting way as "bikini" for the iPhone 5, this accessory not only protects the edges of the machine but also is designed to keep the exquisite aluminum on the back. Personality with dual color border, easy to remove and limit the best possible collision.

For those who prefer the soft material panels which backs facing backs rubber skins cover is appropriate. Products made ​​from plastic and silicone, flexible, shock-resistant, anti-corrosion effect 
TPU Silicone case, keeping the original weight of the iPhone 5
In addition, numerous models lined the back with plastic hardware, metal or leather. You can choose the type of tight-fitting, cut the apple, or the gaudy decoration, eye-catching.
Stylish, luxury, outstanding and glamorous styles with Rhinestone cover cases
The iPhone 5 uses lightning standard 8 pin replacement for traditional 30 pin port. It makes kits for charging and connectivity must also change accordingly.
White Lightning to 30-pin Adapter for charging and connecting to the iPhone 5. Apart from genuine Apple cables.
With only 1440mAh capacity, iPhone 5 is quickly running out of battery failure. However, now you are completely safe to carry spare batteries when away on business or in everyday life. The pair products with the latest backup battery to 11.000mAh capacity, enabling long standby time, talk time and use the iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone 5 screen protectors include Clear LCD screen guard protectors, Anti-glare LCD screen guard protectors, Anti-Grease screen guard protectors, Mirror screen guard protectors, and Privacy screen guard protectors. Apple iPhone 5 screen protectors keep your screen free of dust, scratches, smudges, grease and fingerprints

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